ORCHID "GROWERS AND SUPPLIERS                                             IN ONTARIO              

 For all you Orchid lovers, Colasanti's Tropical Gardens in Kingsville, sells an assortment of orchids year round. Only remedy for orchid fever? Remedy, buy another orchid!!!

Check out their in-store selection and click on their website for up to date news!!!!!!!!     http://www.colasanti.com/


 Orchid Growers and Suppliers in Ontario:

1) Cloud's Orchids - Claudio Rossi, 2409 Honsberger Ave., Jordan Station, ON L0R 1S0 Phone: 905-562-8950           www.cloudsorchids.com/

2) Crystal Star Orchids - Eric Lee, 20815 2nd Concession, RR#1, Newmarket, ON        L3Y 4V8 Phone: 905-478-8398 http://www.crystalstarorchids.com/
Email: crystalstarorchids@gmail.com  

By Appointment *See about importing orchids.   

3) Di Ciommo Orchids, Joe Di Ciommo
414 Upper Ottawa Street, Hamilton, ON, L8T 3T1
905-389-9339 By Appointment

4)  Flora Peculia, Terry Kowalczuk - www.florpeculia.ca
Specializing in Neofinetia and Japanese Orchids                                   24 Rockvale Avenue, Toronto, Ontario Canada M6E 3A9                   By Appointment
- Tel: 416-828-8023 email: info@florapeculia.ca

5) Hamilton Greenhouses - Rob & Ruthanne Gardiner
2247 2nd Concession W., Lynden ON L0R 1T0, By Appointment
519-647-3301   email: orchidrob@hotmail.ca)

6) Orchids In Our Tropics -  Doug and Terry Kennedy, 15 Wilmac Court, Gormley, ON L0H 1G0  Phone/Fax: 905-727- 3319               http://www.orchidsinourtropics.com/

7) Marcotte Enterprises - 1592 Centre Rd., RR#2, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2Z7 - John Marcotte
Open by appointment only.  Call: 905-689-4420

Email: SSamarcotte@aol.com

8) Zephyrus Orchids Inc - John  Doherty                        

Hours: by appointment    www.zephyrusorchids.com

9) Ravenvision, Stratford, ON. Orchid Photography specialists and Canadian orchid growing supplies


10) C & C Orchids - Chris & Conchita,  cvarady@cogeco.ca


New!! Carter and Homes in Canada

Orchids in our Tropics now represent Carter and Holmes in Canada. This will give you the opportunity to order and enjoy some of the their fabulous plants without the incurring the full cost of required paperwork and the hassle of customs. The Kennedys will combine orders and then distribute them to you. Check out the full array of Carter and Holmes plants, with photos,  from South Carolina.  Contact us for full details and copies of the current Carter and Holmes catalog,  http://www.carterandholmes.com/


For a complete list of Orchid growers in Canada visit the Canadian Orchid Congress site below: