Day Trips & Social Events & more... Day Trips & Social Events & more... Visiting Orchid Nursery in Vineland, 2010 Cloud's Orchids 93765774 Visit to Hamilton area Nursery Diciommo Orchids 93765775 Well Done A successful first year! Congratulations to the ECOS!!!! 93767856 July Social, 2010 Here are our Chefs for the Day!! Many Thanks Adam & Jody! Job well done & tasty! 93767857 2010 Christmas Party, Saturday Dec. 4th Beautifual arrangements made and donated by many of our members for the occassion. 108725244 Marg D's creation Ice candle sculpture graced the table 108725248 Sharing food, 2010 Lucky table # one started the festivities with the delicious spead! 108725246 Luscious desserts! Again our embes out did themselves 108725247 Fun Activities! Special thanks to Pam and Maria for their creative activities again this year! What is in that stocking Roger! 108725245 Show Table..... 2010 Joanna was so pleased that she was able to bloom her fragrant Cattleya and bring it to the party to share her joy with others. Way to go Joanna!!! 108725249 Fragrant Orchid Bob's citrus fragrant orchid. What a beauty! 112066832 Star of Bethlehem Albert' blooms this one very year 112066833 Vandas galore!!!!! Albert's second specialty... with great blooming success 112066934 Look at the color! This beauty was bloomed by Joanna 112066935 Lady Slipper!!!! This delicate looking orchid known as a Slipper orchid blooms in Mary's house. 112066936 Exotic!!!!!!!! CN is very proud to share this exotic looking bloom!!! 112066937 Greenhouse Tour 2011 Bloming Cattleyas at their best! 114956663 Tour Hanging Cumbidium 114956662 Tour Even the Brd of Paradise was in bloom in the greenhouse! 114956664 On tour Cattleya beauty! Six gorgeous blooms.. In bloom since November 114956666 Crystal Star Orchids, Newmarket, June 2011 The rains came and the lights appeared 128879258 Moment of truth! Shopping for orchids is fun and addictive! Take out your wallets! 128879604 Gungle? at the Kennedy's, June 2011 These are a mass of air roots... that's normal for orchids. 128879602 Oh No!!!!! There's plenty of orchids for everyone! 128879603 July 2011 Social Thanks to our gracious host, Doris. Look at the great spread!!!! 131906214 Two Great Years... 2011 ECOS celebrating two great years! 131906425