ECOS Orchid Shows Entered! 2010 -2011 ECOS Orchid Shows Entered! 2010 -2011 London Orchid Society's Orchid Show Essex County Orchid Society first Display in the London Orchid Show March, 2010 76933114 Individual Artstic Dispaly Oriental Display First Place Award Winner, Barb Morden 76936118 Artistic Individual Display Basket Display setting. Category 1 to 5 orchids First Place Award! 76936119 ECOS display cont' Look at those orchids! What diversity!!! Many award winning orchids! 76936123 Artistic Design Display at St. Clair College Mary, Maria, Pam and Joanna 76936137 Members Design Competition Look at the Beauty and Diversity of Orchids Displayed! Albert, Juliette, Bonnie and Jim 77071243 Design.... Oriental Flare Barb, Bob, CN 76936140 Memorial Display In memory of our recently deceased member, Marjorie. Graciously done by Marg. 76936144 COC Award Winner!!! Bob won the 2010 COC Award for the 'Best in Show' for his Phias Orchid!! Way to go Bob! 76936252 COOS Orchid Show , Sept./2010 Essex County Orchid Society entry. Society Display, Fourth place out of 10 Job well done! Some great comments. 101713455 Society Display Another view of our display in Cambridge 101713456 Amateur Winning Dispaly Barb Morden, First Place winner in the Amateur division and recipient of the prestigious COC award. for the best in display in the Amateur division 101713457 Barb's winning entry Amateur display with a Spanish theme. Way to go Barb! 101713458 Bob Morden, second place Bob took second place in the amateur division with his Mexican Theme display. A manly showpiece! Well done, Bob! 101713459 Bob's Mexican Display Close-up view... 101713460 Husband and Wife competing Great competition in the Amateur division. Display were side by side! 101713461 Barb's Special Award Special presentation to Barb from Jerry Bolce of the COOS for her First Place winning entry in the Amateur division at the afternoon Social Event. 101713462 Essex County Orchid Society Display Members here posing with their fourth place winning entry out of ten entries. 101713463 Orchid Express Juliette St. Pierre stands with her third place winning entry in the Amateur division. 101713464 Juliette's entry Close-up of the train on the mountain 101713466 "Best Society Display Winner" SOOS, Southern Ontario Orchid Society won Best In Show for the Society Displays. Well done and very deserving! 101713468 COOS, Cambridge Sept 2011 Members Bob, Barb,Juliette & Albert proudly standing in front of the Society display 139542098 ECOS Society Dispaly 2011 Entry at COOS 139542099 Bob's Winning entry Bob 's first place winning entry in the Individual Artistic design display and also wining Best in Show and the COC award. Way to go Bob! 139542100 Bob's winning display Well done Bob! 139542101 Bob's display Note the monkeys. How creative! 139542109 Barb's second place win Barb took second place in the Individual Artistic design display 139542102 Barb's display Another view of her display. Well done! 139542103 First place ribbon Barb winning quite a few first place ribbons for her entries 139542104 Barb's display Another view of her display 139542105 Mary's winning entry Mary took a second place ribbon for her Phalaenopsis in the Society display 139542107 Bonnie's winning entry Bonnie took a second place ribbon also in the Society display with her Multifloral Phal. 139542108 Cattleya! Albert's Cattleya entry in the Society display 139542106