ECOS 2018 Activities ECOS 2018 Activities January presenter C N doing a great job! 205225599 Well done Mrs B.! 205225601 Success!! Happy members! 205225608 Cattleya admired by Lynn! 205225604 Amazed at the collection! 205225605 March Speaker Mormodes? with Gilberto Arrieche-Sayago, Oakville, on the left with interim President Albert St Pierre 205225609 Pics of Mormodes Example of Mmormodes 205225610 Gilberto reviewing Show Table 205225613 April Speaker Tom Sampliner of Ohio. Grat prsentation on "Orchids of the Great Lakes" 205225617 Orchid Rob at our May meeting 205225619 President presenting Appreciation Certificates AOS Certificate of Appreciation given to well desered members for all their contributions during the past years, Donna Vazzoler and Nicole Hall. Congrats!! 205225618 Brenda Aarts, President of LOS Introducing guest speaker rom Caifornia, Fred Clarke. thanks for the invite Brenda! 205225621 Fred Clarke from California Speaking on Mini Catts!! 205225624 More red ones 205225622 Executive Members for 2019 Albert, Meta, Usha and Juliette 205225625 Our hosts for Summer Social Thank you Larry & Jacqueline 205225633 Great food! Summer Social had some great cooks! 205225629 The gang is here Members enjoying comraderie! 205225631 Members Albert, President and his wife Juliette 205225635 Heat wave... cooling down Enjoying time outdoors in the early evening 205225636 Freinds Enjoying a good chat! 205225637