ECOS Orchid Show 2015 ECOS Orchid Show 2015 First Place winner in Society Displays Essex County Orchid Society placed first in Society Displays 201368709 Southern Ontario Orchid Society Dispaly Don with amazing display with second place entry in Society Displays 201368708 London Orchid Society Lots of Vandas in award winning third place entry in Society Displays 201368706 Individual Entries, Amateur growers Joe Csabai took first place with his amazing display with a water feature 201368707 Individaul Entries Brenda took a second place for her entry 201368701 Sunday Speaker Terry Groszeibl from BC spoke on growing Paphs and Phrags at the Society meeting held there on the Sunday 201368699 Paphiopedilum Look at the face!!! 201368700 Hamilton Greenhouse Vendor winning, "Best in Show" for Phaleanopsis 201368698 DiCiommo Orchids "Best in Show" for Oncidiums 201368710 Arts Drawing Category, won by Bonnie Teskey for her beautiful Pen /Ink creation 201368705